Our Solution
Our solutions help you answer what’s in your food, where it’s been and what’s happened to it. We create product histories to tell the complete story of food from farm to the receiving dock.
Process Automation
We automate your business rules and provide recommendations, improving speed and efficiency. Our holistic set of data allows for more accurate modeling, improving performance.
Data Analytics
We create new analytics around shelf life, input usage and sustainability by providing a baseline encapsulating the entire supply chain.
Certification Validation
We collect and authenticate data to increase trust in the industry to certify and strengthen your brand.
Our Services
We use distributed ledger technology to enable data record and transfer while maintaining security and privacy.
Adaptable Integration
The blockchain allows integration into existing management and data collection systems, enabling easy adoption.
Immutable Record
Data recorded into the chain is hashed based on previous transactions, preventing alteration.
Secure Data Handling
Data is cryptographically sealed to ensure data security and ownership.
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