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What does it mean when food is labeled with terms like “fresh”, “organic”, or “local?” Today they are simply words used for marketing with no data or exact definition. The food supply chain is a complicated system where no one really understands what’s happening. Companies often don’t know what happens to their food as it goes from the farm to the consumer. The current system makes it difficult to transfer information between parties, and data is easily lost between the different stages. is here to change that by reconnecting the food supply chain, redefining food terminology and providing answers to consumers. We are creating the Blockchain of Food.

Blockchain of Food
What does the Blockchain of Food really mean? It is a network that allows all the participants of the food supply chain to better communicate and collaborate with one another. This is accomplished through a web of trust where participants can easily witness or evaluate the value that each participant brings. The Blockchain of Food utilizes a series of standardized data structures based on recognized food ontology and food distribution standards to regularize data and enable the creation of smart-contracts. These smart-contracts are used to automatically trigger decision points and notifications to specified parties based on events posted to the Blockchain of Food.

From Farm to You
It all starts at the farm: a tomato seed is planted in the field. Our partners then install sensors around the tomato, which will monitor its growth and capture data on its temperature, color, size, etc. During this process, we make sure to prioritize the farmers and their concerns. After harvest, we equip distributors with sensors in the pallet to track what happens to the food as its moves to the next location. Oftentimes spoilage or disease happens during the transportation of food; the sensors will be able to monitor the conditions of the food to ensure that if there is an issue, the time and place of its occurrence is recorded. This can help address food safety concerns, maximize efficiency and capture important data and information. The tomato finally arrives at its destination, and the entire process of what has happened to it is recorded. The consumer now has information about how far away the tomato was produced, when it got to the store and when it was harvested. This is the story of a tomato. We want to show the story of all the foods you eat.

The Food Industry is about to Change
We were recently featured on Forbes Top 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech startups, which goes to show how big Blockchain of Food is going to be. This is really exciting: we are using new technology in one of the biggest industries in the world. Let’s create a future together, where you can walk into any store and understand what your food really is. We want to change the way we look at food and we want your help. Join us!